From papaya to FPP®


Osato Laboratory, Gifu, Japan

Highest quality products

Who are we?

OSATO International Inc.

Founded in 2002, OSATO International Inc. is a Japanese group that was previously known as Neo River Inc.

Yuki Hayashi, the CEO and President of the group, initiated the research that led to the discovery and production of FPP®.

Under his leadership Osato International Inc. has grown into three entities:

  • Osato Research Institute (ORI), a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and development,
  • Osato Laboratory Inc., our manufacturing plant,
  • Osato Distribution World Ltd in charge of the worldwide distribution.

Mr. Yuki Hayashi

CEO and President

The Osato Group headquarters are located in Gifu, Japan, some 250 miles west of Tokyo, with distribution centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, including Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Croatia and the United Kingdom.

Osato Distribution World Ltd is in charge of the worldwide distribution of FPP® under the name FPP®.

More than 15 million packets contribute each year to making people healthier.

Production process

Green papayas from Hawaii

Immun’Âge is a tasty natural food supplement made by traditional fermentation techniques of non-GMO Carica papayas grown by contracted farmers in Hawaii.

Approach to quality control and ISO certifications

FPP® is produced under strict quality control in our Japanese factory certified with ISO9001:2015 (Quality Control), ISO14001:2015 (Environment) and ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety) to provide stable supplies of high-quality products which meet globalized standards.
The electricity of our factory is generated by solar panels, with a view of attaining carbon neutrality.

Worldwide recognition of FPP for quality control

  • Categorized by FDA as a Papaya Dietary Supplement since 2000.
  • Approved by Health Canada as Natural Health Products since 2011.
  • Certified by LGC’s Global Anti-doping Program “Informed Sport” since 2019.