Scientific Research and Clinical Studies

The Osato Research Institute (ORI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 and based in Gifu, Japan. ORI conducts and coordinates scientific programs and clinical studies that focus on our natural defence systems, healthy living, healthy aging, and Osato ‘fermented papaya preparation’ or FPP®.

World-renowned scientists have been studying FPP® properties and as members of our scientific board, they have contributed to scientifically prove the effects of FPP® on the immune system, the anti oxidative system, and the production of cellular energy.

Our members come from very different fields and many different countries. They communicate their research findings on FPP® at international academic conferences, at ORI scientific committee meetings, and in scientific journals.

We are presenting below the main research and studies that have been done on FPP®

Healthy aging properties

The 3 main properties of FPP® have been studied by several published clinical studies, which can be found below:

Immuno-stimulating properties:

  • Actions of FPP® on the cells of the immune system | Pr. Lester Packer | ISBN 2-7046-1675-2

  • Nitric oxide synthesis and TNF-secretion in RAW 264.7 macrophages | G. Rimbach & co | PMID: 12659174

Anti-oxidative properties:

  • Nutraceutical Supplementation: Effect of a Fermented Papaya Preparation on Redox Status and DNA Damage in Healthy Elderly Individuals and Relationship with GSTM1 Genotype. A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Study. | F. Marotta & Co | PMID: 16804018
  • Advantages of Fermented Papaya on our health: Beneficial effects on oxidative stress and immunity: oxidative stress and chronic diseases. | Pr. Luc Montagnier | ISBN 2-7046-1675-2


Studies on specific uses of FPP®

A wide range of clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of FPP® in numerous other cases, such as:

  • Respiratory tract protection: can help fight infections by reducing the damaging effect of oxidative stress, thus boosting the natural defence of the respiratory mucous membrane. Reference: Is there a potential application of a fermented nutraceutical in acute respiratory illnesses? | F. MAROTTA & Co | PMID: 22824755

Sports & natural defence systems

FPP® can aid a faster recovery after an intense workout as it boosts the defence systems. By fighting oxidative stress, it helps reduce muscle pain, soreness, cramps, stiffness, and fatigue.

FPP® helps counteract the weakening of the immune system that can occur after exertion. It can also help athletes keep alert and focused without causing drowsiness before a competition.